What Can Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Treat?

At Center For Auto Accident Injury Treatment, we continually look for the latest and most innovative techniques to help our patients find relief from aches and pains. One of these procedures is called Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, or low-level light therapy, which has successfully treated acute and chronic conditions for many years. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can also be used after a new injury to speed healing and stop further damage. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy may help improve the following:

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How Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Works

We utilize Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to provide the best care for our patients and help our patients reach their goals. It is highly effective for treating both chronic pain and acute injuries. The visible red light releases frequencies to the targeted area. This light can promote healing by increasing the cells' energy levels and improving communication between the cells.

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Hot lasers are handheld wands, usually the size of a flashlight, that use specific wavelengths of light to accelerate cell regeneration. Our clinic's chiropractors will place the laser directly over the area of focus for a few minutes. As the light energy reaches the targeted area, it can help eliminate pain and reduce swelling. You can also combine Deep Tissue Laser Therapy with other treatments for optimal results.

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