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Chronic pain is a very common problem many people around the world deal with. And, currently, the only options to stop the pain involve the use of additive pain medication. Light Therapy combined with other natural treatments may effectively relieve your neuropathy symptoms. Many patients have reported that their pain, numbing, and burning sensations dissipated with continued usage.

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How Light Therapy Works

Light Therapy is an advanced low-level light therapy that has been around for ages. Some would even say that it’s been around as long as the sun because it produces the same type of light. The difference is that Light is more focused on a particular area of pain or discomfort.

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When you have prolonged, chronic inflammation, which is linked to a number of diseases, it can make any disease or condition much worse. Reducing inflammation is very beneficial, since it allows you to move freely, produces better blood circulation, and heal faster. Our therapy has been becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to cope with various problems and conditions. Give Center For Auto Accident Injury Treatment a call today at (502) 842-4400 to learn more!

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